12 Feel-Good Movies on Netflix to Turn Your Bad Day Around

feel-good movies on netflix

Is it just me or are the days just zooming by this year? Work, weekend, blink, back to grind – has been the mood lately and I’m sure most of you relate. On the sad days, hard days, and i-don’t-know-how-i-feel days, my go-to escape is movies/shows. I often end up rewatching the same movies and shows over and over – you know, the kind that wrap you in a warm, familiar embrace—like a comfort food. We all love that feeling! Below, I’ve listed a collection of 12 feel-good movies on Netflix. These  are like comforting meet-in-the-middle movies—perfect to watch with a friend or partner or to enjoy all by yourself.  So, grab your coziest blanket and your favorite snacks (read as popcorn), because these movies will make you laugh, maybe even pull at your heartstrings, but one thing’s for sure—they’ll leave you feeling all the better for it.

The Intern

Robert De Niro as a senior intern? Count us in! This delightful comedy pairs him with Anne Hathaway as they bridge the generation gap, proving that friendship and mentorship know no age limits. I cried a little when I first watched it but that sentiment seems to be a common thread among many movies on this list :p


Getting through the holidays solo can be a real challenge when everyone around you wants you to be anything but single. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey team up as two commitment-phobes determined to be each other’s “holidates” for every festive occasion. Expect hilarious mishaps and heartwarming revelations.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

A kind stranger from a networking group pointed me to this gem, and I owe her big time. The movie whisks you away to post-World War II England where a writer (lead actress) forms an unexpected bond with the quirky members of a book club. This wholesome, well-written story is a tribute to the power of literature and human connections.

We’re the Millers

When a small-time pot dealer creates a fake family to smuggle drugs, you know you’re in for a riotous comedy. The movie combines awkward family dynamics, crazy situations, and a touch of heart to create a comedy cocktail that’s perfect for a bad day pick-me-up.

Yes Day

Imagine a day when you simply can’t say “no” to your kids’ every request. That’s the recipe for chaos and laughter in this delightful, family-friendly movie. It’s a heartwarming reminder to welcome spontaneity into our lives. When I watched it, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a kids’ movie at first. But well, the inner child in me absolutely loved it!

Julie & Julia

Get ready for a culinary adventure that’s half history, half hilarity. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams bring to life the stories of chef Julia Child and a modern-day food blogger who finds inspiration in her recipes.

A Man Called Otto

Meet Otto, the grumpiest yet oddly endearing man you’ll ever encounter. As he reluctantly navigates life’s quirks, unexpected friendships bloom, turning his solitary world into a heartwarming tale of connection and redemption. Just so you know, this wholesome story originates from the book “A Man Called Ove” and it’s a true masterpiece!

Just Go With It

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston team up in this hilarious romantic comedy where a harmless fib spirals into a web of tangled lies and unexpected romance. This gem of a movie will make you laugh ’til your popcorn spills!


Cher Horowitz, the fashion-forward teen with a heart of gold, takes us on a journey through high school mishaps and matchmaking escapades. This 90s classic is like a time capsule of unforgettable catchphrases and style moments. UGHH, AS IF! You all have watched it by now, haven’t you?

Falling Inn Love

Sometimes life serves up an unexpected platter, and in this case, it’s a charming inn in New Zealand. A city girl’s journey to renovate the inn introduces her to romance, small-town quirks, and a fresh start. This is one of those underrated feel-good movies on Netflix and you’ll love it!

The Hangover

What happens in Vegas… becomes the stuff of legendary comedic chaos. Join the wolfpack as they try to piece together their outrageous night of debauchery. It’s a hilarious adventure that’ll make your bad day feel miles away. The film series comprises 3 movies, and you should watch EVERY SINGLE ONE if you haven’t already.

Murder Mystery

An extravagant European vacation turns into a whodunit caper for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston (again!). With stunning locations, witty banter, and a murder mystery to solve, this one will keep you entertained from start to finish.

And that’s a wrap on our list! Whether you’re craving a dose of romance, a hearty laugh, or a touch of mystery, these feel-good movies on Netflix have got your back on those not-so-great days. Remember, there’s nothing a good movie and a bowl of popcorn can’t fix!