Valentine’s Day Outfits That Are Practical & Chic

Valentine's day outfits

‘Tis officially the season. Amidst the frenzy of gazillion ads on Valentine’s day offers, corny couple reels, and gifting ideas, it’s hard to ignore that we’re knee-deep into the romantic season. Whether you’re someone busy planning a romantic date with your beau, or just happily reveling in your single era (with the charging port side of the bed being unimpeachably yours), or delusionally fawning over that fictional character in your head, a good Valentine’s fit inspo is something we could all use.

While the influencer community has been expertly rolling out reels on V-day looks since the beginning of February, these outfits very often slip through the cracks of practicality. And the popular red dress retiring is an idea so far-fetched given the hue’s symbolic association with love and passion. Anyhoo, if lacy bralettes, underbust corset belts, and boring red dresses don’t cut it for you, try these refreshing alternatives.

Ahead is a list of 7 cute, chic, and feasible Valentine’s day fit ideas that are anything but boring. Go check!

1. Schiffy blouses

Valentine's day outfit
Source: Pinterest

Talking of wearable outfits, a well-fitted schiffy blouse in white/off-white color is just the right option to add an element of class and romance to your valentine’s day look. Pair it with your trusty trousers, throw some dainty jewelry on, and you’re good to go. This outfit can serve as smart casual for work during the day and double up as a date night fit in a snap.

2. Midi Slip Dresses

slip dress valentine
Source: Pinterest

Slip dresses are the card-carrying members of the chic outfits club. They’re perfect for a date night on Valentine’s day or any day that could use some goddessly glam, for that matter. Slide into a midi slip dress and put a pair of heels on while you get ready to channel your inner diva (*heart eyes*)

3. Linen Co-ords

co-ord sets styling
Source: Pinterest

V-day and pre-summer heat give us all the more reasons to fall back on super airy linen/cotton co-ords. They are great for lounging at home, running errands, evening strolls with your dog, candlelight dinner with your partner — pretty much everything. Experiment with colors and patterns and make it flirty!

4. Satin Shirts

satin shirt
Source: Pinterest

A good satin shirt is like an ace in your wardrobe. Don it on any damn occasion, and it fits the bill like it was made for that. Satin has a long lineage of making anyone look effortlessly fancy. This Valentine’s day, give the satin shirt a go by teaming it up with your fondest pair of jeans or trousers, and put a game face on!

5. Slit skirts

Valentine's day slit skirt outfit
Source: Pinterest

If your Valentine’s day plans include a casual day out and stopping by your favorite pizza spot with your date, count on slit skirts with ditsy and floral prints. Scour that pile of tees to find the best-complemented t-shirt, and get into a good pair of sneakers. A casual yet elegant outfit like this will never disappoint!

6. Midriff-baring fits

midriff baring outfits
Source: Pinterest

Made ubiquitous by fashion adepts like Bella Hadid and Zendaya, midriff-baring outfits are a fuss-free option to look scorchingly sexy with the least effort. Bring together a snug-fit crop top and high-waisted jeans, and see the sparks fly. Alternatively, co-ord sets and cutout dresses do the job too.

7. Milkmaid dresses

Valentine's day milkmaid dress
Source: Pinterest

With the cottagecore aesthetic making rounds on Instagram, milkmaid dresses had a big moment in the early pandemic years, and the hype refuses to simmer down. These dresses scream tenderness and romance, courtesy the cinched waist effects, flowy silhouettes, and subtle redolent colors they come in. Comfy? Check. Stylish? Check. Valentine’s day appropriate? Double check!

Be it spending time with your partner, BFF, or yourself, Valentine’s day is just an excuse to dress up and feel your best. So don’t forget to embrace your silly little self and make the most of the day <3

Hugs xx