5 Minimal 2023 Planners to Get Your Year Rolling

2023 planners color me mad

No, it’s not too late to think about 2023 planners. Don’t let your absurd self take the win. We’re just in the first month, and there’s a whole year ahead of us. It’s normal to blight yourself with obstinate new year resolutions (destined to fail in the next two weeks) and favor the idea of starting everything on the 1st of January. But you’re better than that. If you wanna get organized and plan out your days as you make your way into the year – that makes two of us (fist bump).

Quick Backstory

I have never owned a full-fledged planner in my life. I’ve used journals and memos, parts of which I may have turned into planners when my creative energy was piqued. Over the last two years, all the mindful living YouTubers I have been following practically forced me to develop this intense love for planners.

Right around the rim of the new year, my Instagram feed went raving with ads displaying an awful lot of 2023 planners. No kidding — they were a little too many, even for someone who googled them thrice a day as though it was part of a painstaking diet routine. I clicked on each of them and did the one thing I find myself oddly good at —researching them in and out (with a barely perceptible intention of buying, though). It took me a dozen days and no less than 15 ads and about 50 google searches to cave in and order one for myself finally. In the process of shortlisting, I’ve ended up with one heck of a list of aesthetic planners anyone would instantly fall in love with. This post is all about those, including the one I purchased.

Ahead, I’ve listed five ridiculously cute and minimal 2023 planners you can get your hands on. Read on for the highlights of each planner, price details, and product links.

1. Odd Giraffe 2023 Planner

I love how the planner is so vibrant on the outside yet super muted and minimal on the inside. It is priced at INR 1699 as of January 2023. Apart from daily, weekly, and monthly planning, habit tracking, and goal setting, it comes with 3 sticker sheets. The best part? It’s a personalized planner and comes with your name on the cover.

Link: Odd Giraffe 2023 Planner – Patched

2. Vinci 2023 Planners – Yearly Duo

Vinci planners come in pairs, one each for two halves of the year. All their yearly planner sets are great, but this sun & moon pair is a cut above the rest. If you are a dreamy soul who loves the sun, moon, skies, and stars, these planners will leave you in awe. With elements not limited to a calendar, budget, goal, habit tracking, to-dos, and weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews, these planners are pretty extensive in terms of functionality. They look just as mellow on the inside as on the outside. As of today, the planner set costs INR 1199, which is a steal deal.

Link: Vinci 2023 Yearly Planner Set

3. Odestudio 2023 Planner in Pastels

This one is slightly cheaper of all, priced at INR 1049 as of date. The inviting pastel covers and the spiral wire-bound design offer a sense of calm and comfort. It has some unique elements, like a mid-year recap, progress tracking, and highlight reel, to name a few. They offer an option to personalize by adding your name and custom text. My obsession with the sage green color made me instantly fall in love with their sage variant. Sadly, only their blush variant is in stock right now.

Link: Ode Studio 2023 Planner – Blush

4. The June Shop Planners – Dated & Undated

The June Shop has a bunch of options in planners – both dated and undated. Their range of designs includes a wide variety of elements – zodiacs, Pinterest-inspired girl boss depictions, abstracts, and florals – some with quotes, some without. The insides ooze out a utopian vibe with lots of colorful and artsy details. Besides regular features, the planners have pages for mood boards and a separate sticker book. One distinctive highlight is that the planners contain Spotify scan links to unveil the song of the month for each month. Their undated planners cost INR 1699, dated ones INR 1899, and limited edition planners INR 2199.

Link – The June Shop Undated Planners

5. The Art Loom 2023 Annual Planner

Call me silly all you want, but I’m gonna oversell this one as it is the winner for me. To begin with, I love their tropical cover. The insides are a perfect balance of minimal and vibrant, with monthly artworks, doodle pages, and customary planner elements notwithstanding. I shamelessly admit I’m sold on the freebies. The planner comes with a sticker book with 500 really cool stickers, a bookmark, a highlighter, a ball pen, and a pouch to carry the planner. How cool is that? The planner is currently priced at INR 1299.

The planner is cute, functional, and full of quaint details. I can’t wait to use it! I’ll probably write a detailed review of it towards the end of the year so you can consider it for next year, just in case.

Link: The Art Loom 2023 Lush Forest Planner

Note: None of the links are sponsored.

I hope you have a slow, happy, and wholesome year ahead! If you have planner/journal recommendations and reviews, drop them in the comments. I’d love to check them out!


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