Air Fryer Frittata Recipe

air fryer frittata recipe color me mad

Eggs are a W for breakfasts. Someone once told me they loved eggs ‘cause they are filling, easy to make, and delicious and I’ll never find a better description of eggs than that. In the matter of breakfasts, eggs are reliably perfect. I love sunny side-ups on lazy days, scrambled eggs when there’s a side of toast, and good ol’ omelets when I’m feeling particularly enthusiastic. This tiktok famous air fryer frittata recipe has been making rounds on my feed for quite some time now and I’d finally decided to give it a try. It turned out great, if not perfect. So here’s the recipe. Whether you like the nutritional aspect of eggs, are intrigued by the health advantages of using an air fryer, or both, you’re in for a treat!

Ingredients You’ll Need

– 4 large eggs (at room temperature)

– Milk (skip if you are not a fan)

– Cheese (any)

– Fresh vegetables (I’ve used spinach, onion, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, chillies, garlic, cilantro)

– Salt and pepper for seasoning

– A touch of oil for brushing the sides of your cooking tin

The Air Fryer Frittata Procedure

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part—making your air fryer frittata!

  1. Start by beating the eggs and milk together in a roomy jug/bowl. This forms the heart of your frittata.
  1. Add all the other ingredients to the mixture, except for the oil. You’ll use the oil to lightly brush the sides of your cooking tin (or baking paper) to make sure your frittata doesn’t stick.
  1. Pour this concoction into a lightly oiled tin. Place it carefully in your air fryer basket and set the temperature to 180°C (350°F) for a mere 16 minutes. As I do not have a tin, I wildly threw the concoction in baking paper after I secured it in the air fryer. I wouldn’t have dared doing that if it weren’t for the viral tiktok reels that introduced me to this recipe. It was a bold move that paid off deliciously. (Note: Don’t preheat air fryer if you are using baking paper as this might burn the bottom of the paper).
  1. Patience is a virtue, but you won’t need much of it. After cooking, allow your frittata to cool for about 2-5 minutes. Then, run a knife around the tin to loosen it and voilà, your air fryer frittata is ready to bless your morning. 

Tips for Perfection

– Line your pan with non-stick baking paper for easy removal and brush the sides with oil. I forgot to brush the baking paper with oil and it was not transferable. I had to eat it off the paper like a cake (picture below). No regrets. You have an option to not be nasty like me.

easy air fryer frittata recipe

– Keep an eye on your frittata to prevent over-browning; you can lightly cover it with foil if needed. 

– To avoid any spillages, mix your frittata ingredients in a bowl before pouring them into the tin.

– Remember that all air fryers are not the same, so start checking your frittata after about 10-12 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed reading the recipe, now get cooking!