Nua Cramp Comfort Review – Heat Patches for Period Pain

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As a general rule, I make sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to period products. From what was supposed to be cramp-relieving homeopathic medicine to the very recent period panties (review here) and occasional failed attempts at menstrual cups, there are very few categories of menstrual products I haven’t quite laid my hands on. Honestly, I have no qualms about this. If there is ONE thing that could make my monthly cycles less tormenting, I’d kill to find out. One such attempt had me buy these Nua Cramp Comfort self-heating patches for period pain. If you are unfamiliar, Nua is a women’s wellness brand that boasts a wide range of personal care products for women. The brand positions this product as a convenient and portable alternative to hot water bags. So I tried it. Here’s Nua Cramp Comfort review.

Nua Cramp Comfort Heat Patch Review

I’ll start with this: the product packaging is ace – both aesthetically and functionally. I ordered a single pack which consisted of 3 self-heating patches. These heat patches are filled with granulated iron, activated carbon, natural salt, and clay which get activated when exposed to the atmosphere and generate heat. Basically, these are air-activated heat patches and you need not do a thing to heat them. The beauty of such alien concepts is that they intrigue you and have you spend your hard-earned cash purely out of curiosity (and hope?). 

Alright, now here’s everything you need to know about these heat patches.

Is Nua Cramp Comfort effective?

To some extent, yes. If you have mild period cramps. While they may not be a cure-all for intense cramps, the consistent heat emission still provides soothing comfort so that’s something to keep in mind. 

Is it costly?

The 3-pack comes in at INR 339 and this is accessible on various grocery apps. But you can explore additional choices on Nua website, including packs of 6, 8, and combos with other period products. Is it costly? You decide.

How to put it on?

Their user-friendly design makes the application a breeze – just peel off the sticker and fix it to the inner side of your underwear or period panty. If you prefer to avoid direct contact with skin, simply stick it to your bottomwear. I prefer the former but if you have sensitive skin, go for the latter.

How long does it take to heat up?

In my experience, it took less than 7 minutes to start emitting heat. If you’re wearing multiple/thick layers of clothing, it might take a bit longer as these patches require exposure to air.

How many hours does Nua Cramp Comfort work?

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it operates beyond the 8 hours claimed by the brand. However, it’s better not to exceed the recommended duration as prolonged exposure may lead to skin irritations or burns. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON OVERNIGHT.

Are these heat patches reusable?

No. These are not reusable. They are one-time-use heat patches that need to be discarded after 8 hours of usage.

The Verdict

I’d rate it 7/10. The product is a tad bit costly as compared to the traditional heating pads and hot water bags which are usually reusable, and hence more cost-effective. But if you are looking for something portable to treat mild cramps without popping nauseating pills, go for it. It’s definitely worth a try.