What’s Your Go-To Movie for a Burst of Inspiration?

julie & julia movie

I watch “Julie & Julia” every now and then. 

The movie holds two things close to my heart – cooking and blogging. 

I recently rewatched it purely to break out of my writing slump and start writing more consistently, much like Julie Powell, the New Yorker and blogger played by Amy Adams.

The movie is about Julie, a young woman who decides to cook all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook. It’s a fun story that also shows flashbacks of Julia Child becoming a famous chef. The movie is all about the joy of cooking, enjoying little things, and following your passions.

I think cooking and writing are alike in two ways. First, you have to enjoy the process. Second, you need to be consistent to get better.

I have little to no discipline when it comes to being consistent with both or being consistent at all, for that matter.

This realization has been a part of my self-discovery over time. 

I am actively working to change that. 

It’s my #1 resolution for this year: to be consistent.

Especially with blogging.

Perhaps, by the end of the year, I’ll make it work, just like Julie did in the movie.

What movies inspire you and light your creative spark? Do let me know.

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